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Stories from Equipping the Saints: ETS Missional Tithe Supports Leadership Development in Diocese of Meru, Tanzania

The Equipping the Saints mission appeal includes a 10% tithe to ministries outside of the synod, with the first tithe sent on the total funds received in 2021. The tithe for the leadership initiative was sent to our two global partners.

In May 2022, the Diocese of Meru used these funds to host a three-day Leadership Training event for parish pastors and other leaders on active listening and other leadership skills.

Participants Share the Impact of this Training

“One of the greatest challenges facing our world today is not only the hunger for peace and the hunger for justice, but also the hungering for good governance and the hungering for good leadership.”

Bishop Elias Kitoi

“Effective listening can make you learn different perspectives and make you a good leader. Just be open to reports; be open to criticism; be open to positive feedback. This will increase the capacity of your leadership.”

– Workshop participant Dr. Samuel Kiwesa

“We have learned a lot. We have built our skills and improved our awareness. We want to go and share with [those] in our different institutions so we can improve what we are supposed to do.”

– Workshop participant Bernard Mbise
Watch our brief video to learn more about leadership development in Meru.

The ETS Campaign has raised over $906,000, which is 39.4% toward our goal. The campaign is now seeking to let every member of the Greater Milwaukee Synod hear about this effort and make their own decision if they would like to provide financial support to the campaign.

We began training congregation leaders this month, and will continue with sessions in December and January. This is a great continuing education opportunity for stewardship teams to build skills they can use for any future congregational stewardship campaign!

Questions? Contact Joyce Caldwell at to learn more about how your congregation can join ETS.