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Stories from Equipping the Saints: Tithe to LSS Refugee Resettlement Brings Life and Hope to Refugees

The Equipping the Saints mission appeal includes a 10% tithe to ministries outside of the synod, with the first tithe sent on the total funds received in 2021. The tithe for the Innovation & Collaboration initiative was sent to the Refugee Resettlement Program of Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

Sarah Halstead, Church Relations Liaison for LSS, shares the meaning and impact of this tithe:

When fleeing war and persecution it can feel like nothing short of a miracle to find safety, opportunity and a community who welcomes you. That’s exactly what happened thanks to the generous Equipping the Saints gifts shared with Lutheran Social Services this year. Because of YOU, record numbers of refugees are, or will be, on their way to self-sufficiency and are sharing their God-given gifts to serve in our community. 

The Equipping the Saints Campaign has a goal that each member of the Greater Milwaukee Synod has a chance to hear the story and decide for themselves if they desire to make a financial gift to help us reach the goal. The first step in that campaign is normally to have a council presentation by video. Contact Joyce Caldwell at to learn how to make that presentation to your congregation.

Congregation leader training begins in November. This training is for whoever will lead your appeal in the congregation and is great continuing education for your Stewardship Team to learn all about conducting a special gifts appeal. Send as many people as you like, and feel free to send your stewardship team even if you have not had the council visit presentation yet.