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Stories from Equipping the Saints: ETS Tithe Strengthens Pastoral Leadership in El Salvador

The Equipping the Saints mission appeal includes a 10% tithe to ministries outside of the synod, with the first tithe sent on the total funds received in 2021. The tithe for the leadership initiative was sent to our two global partners. Linda Muth is in El Salvador and received statements from people on the blessings of this additional gift of accompaniment to the Salvadoran Lutheran Church.

Our Endowment Fund has been a gift of God by way of you, our brothers and sisters. Greetings to all the contributors with the message that the gifts they have given and we receive are very vital to us.

– Bishop Medardo Gomez, Salvadoran Lutheran Church

“I consider the Endowment Fund of vital importance for the strengthening of the strategy of sustainability of our church, in pastoral and outreach work. It is very difficult for the local churches to sustain themselves on the minimum offerings they receive. The income generated by the endowment fund is the seed money of sustainability, and is complemented by funds generated in communities and with volunteer work in which they put their gifts and talents in service to God.”

– Aracely, Church Administrator, Salvadoran Lutheran Church

The congregational portion of the Equipping the Saints Campaign is underway now. Thank you to the congregations who have already participated and we look forward to those who are ready to learn more! Congregations are not being asked to give through their budgets, but instead simply share the story of the campaign and let your members decide if they would like to participate with a gift.

The process begins with a video presentation for your council. To be equipped to share the opportunity with your council, please join us for an info session on Zoom on Monday, Oct. 3 at 6:30pm, or Tuesday, Oct. 4 at 10am.

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